With the development of the chronic stage of ventolin bursitis, it is required to remove exudate - a liquid that occurs during inflammatory processes. Further, after removing this fluid, it is very important to wash the synovial bag with anesthetics, antibiotics and antiseptics.

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In case of development of purulent Achilles bursitis, it will be necessary to perform a puncture (puncture) or incision of the synovial bag with its further washing.

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In severe cases, it is necessary to perform an operation to remove part of the calcaneus. For the most part, such operations are safe and end more than successfully. Reflexology will help reduce pain in the heel area. In the treatment of Achilles bursitis, ariukolotherapy and acupuncture are widely used. Laser and ultrasound technologies, magnetic and gerudotherapy, hydrocortisone - all these are effective methods of treating this disease. Very important aspects are the rational regime of the day and nutrition, the correct selection of shoes, the absence of strenuous physical activity. Physiotherapy for Achilles Bursitis.

The focus of inflammation has a rapid development and is characterized by acute painful manifestations. In the absence of adequate therapy, the disease leads to severe lameness, limited mobility of the joint, the affected limb.

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Prevention of Achilles bursitis. For the purpose of prevention, it is necessary to avoid joint injuries, wear special fixators that protect the bursa, and, if wounds are received, treat them with antiseptics in a timely manner. Attention! The information on the site is not a medical diagnosis, or a guide to action and is Ventolin for informational purposes only.

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